Friday, February 13, 2009


Who is Scarecrow?

Scarecrow is an attempt to unify libertarians behind one presidential candidate in the 2012 election cycle. The fact that Scarecrow isn't running, or even real, is a bonus.

How can a symbol run for president?

It can't, really. That's kind of the point. If you want liberty and smaller government, electoral politics is a loser's game. Still, it's the game we play in America, and it's so entrenched in our culture that any attempt to break free of it must first involve a widespread acknowledgment of its failings.

Unlike electoral politics, the Internet encourages the best ideas to rise to the top through reasoned debate. Via the Internet, the most intelligent, thoughtful, rational people in the world are all arriving at variants of the same political philosophy, broadly known as "libertarianism." It turns out that political philosophy doesn't jive well with electoral politics. Scarecrow For President is a movement through which libertarians can announce to the world that we're here, we're correct, we're huge in number, and we're done with Washington's game.

Washington's Game?

Yes. Electoral politics is a game in which those who want near-unlimited power over the rest of us form two teams and duke it out. There is no place in this game for us live-and-let-live mind-your-own-business types. Libertarians have been acutely aware of this fact for decades, and most choose "none of the above" every election. What if instead of saying "none of the above" we said "Scarecrow For President"?

Scarecrow For President?

Yes. My challenge to everyone who believes America needs dramatically smaller government at all levels, and knows this end will never be achieved through electoral politics: When friends, family, colleagues, and pollsters inquire about your politics, say you endorse Scarecrow For President. In the space on your blog where you might endorse a cause or idea, put a Scarecrow For President logo. If you're a rabble rouser by nature, join the cause more actively.

Join the Cause?

The intent of this site is to kick off a movement. It is the webmaster's hope that the movement will grow much larger than this site. I am just an anonymous blogger with an idea. You are Scarecrow For President. You should make your own Scarecrow For President site, market it, and update it constantly. You should steal all my readers and become the center of the movement. You should make and sell Scarecrow For President T-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, and gold coins (HA!). You should arrange for production in China of a line of novelty Scarecrow For President dolls to be sold in airport kiosks. You should start a newsletter, or a magazine or a message board. Start a Facebook page. Start a Political Action Committee/501c3/NGO/Giant Blimp or whatever sounds good to you. Use anything and everything from this site, and give this site credit only if you feel like it.

What is the purpose of all this?

1. To move the playing field away from the national election, where soundbites and personalities rule, and onto the Internet, where the free exchange of ideas allows the best to rise to the top.
2. To give the libertarian movement a candidate who represents us, even the millions of us who choose never to participate in the sham of electoral politics.
3. To allow more libertarians to feel comfortable "dropping out" of the national election. This way, their voices will still be counted via an Internet movement, but they won't have to degrade themselves by casting a vote at a government polling site.
4. To engage those who already understand that free minds and free markets are the best way to organize a society, but still incorrectly think we can move in that direction through electoral politics.
5. To refocus the tremendous energy of the libertarian movement away from traditional participation in electoral politics, and towards efforts that can bring about more liberty, right now.

What about this site?

This site is where the project was kicked off. A blog will be maintained here that:
a) describes the project and encourages others to participate
b) gives status updates on the perceived success of the project over time
c) calls out and links to other Scarecrow For President sites
d) provides general libertarian commentary